OPEN: Glass Igloos Sep 18 - Mar 31 & Arctic SnowHotel: Dec 15 - Mar 31


See everything!
Spectacular 360° views of the Arctic skies.
All from snow
Experience heavenly magic
Frozen memories

Feel the Arctic cold on your face, be active to keep warm, savour a drink from a glass made of ice and witness the mesmerising dance of the Northern Lights. Experience all forms of snow and winter with all your senses, holistically and easily with us, with all the services you need nearby!

Enriching heavenly Arctic magic

The 360-degree glass roof of the Glass Igloo provides you with the best possible views of the heavenly magic of the skies. Experience the wonder of the Glass Igloo and Lapland’s nature!

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos in Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland: discover northern lights

Arctic experience is here

Everything you ever wanted to experience with snow!

Step into our snowy kingdom!


SnowHotel is carved from snow and ice each year, and each SnowHotel is designed to be different to earlier years. SnowHotel provides unique rooms and unforgettable nights surrounded by snow and ice.


Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar

皇马电竞appThe table is made from ice – a fine place to enjoy the tasty three-course dinner. In the Ice Bar, drinks are served in glasses made entirely from ice!


Ice Chapel

Shrouded in brilliant white snow, the Ice Chapel is the perfect venue for arranging unforgettable festivities。


Snow Sauna

Can you enjoy sauna in the snow? Yes, you can, in this delightfully humid steam room with snow walls. The Snow Sauna will definitely not leave you cold!


Northern Lights watcher monitoring the skies

Significantly increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights with our Northern Lights watcher, who makes sure you don’t miss seeing the light phenomenon. Our Northern Lights watcher monitors the skies and alerts Glass Igloo and SnowHotel guests who opted for the service as soon as things start to happen in the Arctic skies.

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✨We want to introduce our amazing chefs!✨ . 🍴These guys make sure you will experience tasteful lappish flavours while you’re staying with us! 🍴


💫Our lovely guests captured this beautiful starry sky last night💫 . ❤️Big thank you for sharing this amazing photo with us!❤️ @kenneviaphotography ärvi


Kiitos kaikille Rovaniemeläisille, jotka pääsitte eilen vierailemaan hotellillamme. Lämpimästi tervetuloa uudelleen ja ihanaa kevättä! ❄️💎🌞 . .


✨We want to bring you closer to our lovely owner couple Heidi & Ville✨ . ❄️Did you know the first SnowHotel was build in 2008 and after that new one has been built every year! Ville is the mastermind of building the hotel and Heidi makes sure everything runs smoothly inside. ❄️ . Heidi and Ville want to welcome you to our beautiful hotel for an overnight stay or just for a visit!


❄️The polar night at Finnish Lapland has officially ended❄️ ✨Come to enjoy the sun and longer daylight with us✨ Book your Glass igloo or SnowHotel room via email ☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️ ä


Amazing video of our SnowHotel by @allaboutlapland。 Go check out their page, beautiful photos and videos of Lapland。 Thank you guys!! 😊❄️ Hope to see you again soon 。 #igloohotel

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